Guest Photographer on the blog!

by Caiti Jackson

Let’s be honest: I’ve been 100% jealous of Jenny’s amazing photography skills since the day I first saw her work on Facebook. I thought to myself, “I am NEVER going to be able to take newborn photos with her around!” After taking thousands of pictures of newborns, infants, toddlers, and children, I’ve realized that it takes a very creative, very patient, VERY talented photographer to be able to do what Jenny does. I have such respect and appreciation for the art of newborn photography. Jenny took my second baby’s newborn photos recently and I was blown away by the experience. She is professional and prepared as well as patient and determined. Tyler (my baby girl) was extremely fussy and only slept for maybe twenty minutes of the four hours we were in Jenny’s studio. Despite the fact that my child wasn’t very cooperative, Jenny completely surprised me with a variety of beautiful, timeless, and completely precious images that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I know Jenny will continue to provide her clientele with outstanding memories that will be cherished forever. With all this being said, I’d like to welcome Jenny, aka the Baby Whisperer, to the Caiti Jackson blog.

Thank you Caiti! It is an honor to be a featured guest on your blog. Newborn photography is such a passion of mine. I’m really in love with capturing the whole baby experience. I’ve had the proper training to know just how to properly and safely handle your newborn to get them in the cutest poses imaginable! Newborns and expectant mothers will be photographed beautifully with a timeless feel, and safely. 

I want my new parents to come to the studio with their newborn stress free. Therefore, before the session we will discuss their style because yes, they are hiring me for my creativity, but they have a personal style as well and we want to make sure the two mesh. Due to my large collection of props, accessories, backdrops, etc. parents can come and not worry about a thing. Parents can enjoy a cold drink, snack, and simply relax or even take a nap on the couch as my assistant and I work on posing their wee one.

One thing parents should be aware of is that although we will give 110% to get the most poses and setups possible, the baby’s flexibility, sleepiness, and sensitivity to touch will depend on the number of poses and setups that are used for baby. 

Capturing this time in your life (baby growing inside you) and the first few days of your child’s life is something you don’t want to miss! Canvas and storybook albums are just some of the options available to share your family history for years to come so that you can remember it always!


If you are expecting I recommend that you contact me (link contact me to email: early in your pregnancy to ensure a creative session is reserved for you and your newborn. Expectant mothers are best photographed between 30-33 weeks and newborns between 5-10 days. 

Should you photograph your pregnancy? Check this out: 7 reasons why you should photograph your pregnancy - (link to:

View additional gallery images on Jenny Lee’s website, blog, or Facebook page

"If the eyes are a window to the soul, this must be a beautiful soul"

by Caiti Jackson

My Mum quoted this about me after she saw my senior photos. It didn't make much sense to me, until I met Marissa.

If there's one word I could use to describe Marissa, that word would be STRONG. This girl. Where should I start? Tall, athletic, eyes that make your heart melt, always smiling, always laughing...This girl is absolutely stunning. The thing about Marissa though, is that while her physical features alone are stunning, her big, beautiful heart with it's enormous capacity to love puts her looks over the top. 

After our first consultation, I walked away from her thinking, "There is something about Marissa. She's different. If I was in high school with her, I would have wanted to be her BFFL!" 
It wasn't until she was changing outfits during her session that I was talking to her Aunt Janell and Grandma Wendy. I asked if Marissa's mom was working and that's why she couldn't be at her session. They quickly informed me that Marissa's mom died from cancer when she was 8 years old. Talk about learning to overcome! This young lady has grown up and raised her little brother alone with her dad since she was 8 years old. That's why she seemed so confident to me! That's why I could tell from the beginning that this girl, this incredibly beautiful, incredibly humble, incredibly happy young lady was hiding a strong story from me. 

You are amazing, Marissa. This simple blog post does no justice to your character. I'm proud of you for overcoming and choosing joy instead of bitterness. It radiates from your head to your toes. You are going to move mountains, young lady. Don't ever forget that God only gives trials and tribulations to those who can handle it. Not only were you strong enough to handle it, but you overcame. I can't wait to see what this amazing life has in store for you! Thank you for inspiring me to be as joyful, confident, and absolutely happy as you are.


Wind and paint: Jordan's Session Blogged!

by Caiti Jackson

Last week I met up with Jordan for her senior photos. It was a pretty windy day, but we decided to shoot anyway. She was so nervous for her session she could hardly talk. I soon found out that she's just a quiet girl.  I felt like I had met my high school self all over again! I'm sure she can get loud. I wouldn't doubt she's the highlight of the party when she wants to be. But she's totally the kind of girl that can stand alone in a crowded room and be her own person. She didn't let the wind phase her for a second, even when I was the one complaining again and again. She came to her session with a smile and a patient attitude, and she totally rocked her pictures. Thanks for being you, Jordan. Don't ever worry about  people that may say you're "stuck up" because of your quiet demeanor. You are you and that is the most beautiful and unique thing you can be in this world. I'm loving your adventurous, messy paint photos. Please don't ever stop being you.



Prairie in Pastels

by Caiti Jackson

Every year I try to do at least one stylized shoot for my portfolio. Something that I love, something that allows me to be 100% uninhibited as an artist. This year I planned for months in advance, wrote out a storyboard, matched color palettes with wardrobe and location choices, collaborated with a floral shop here in town, and spent some quality time honing my theme. I knew right away who was going to model. Julie has the perfect high fashion, bohemian look. High cheekbones, slender arms, long legs, striking eyes. She was perfect for this session in every way.

As much as I love shooting weddings, they are few and far between that I feel correlate with my photographic style. I love the prairie in the summer. I love the untraditional. I love capturing moments while they happen, not always posing, not being the "center-of-attention" photographer. I want my brides to see what their bridal portraits have the potential of being; stories, not just photos.

A big thanks goes to my sister Jenny, who did a fabulous job on my model's hair.
Spring Creek Designs ( worked with me to get the perfect floral bouquet for my vision.
Julie Houghton, thank you ever so much for leaving your very sick child to model for this project. You are an amazing, loyal, dedicated friend that I am truly blessed to have in my life.


Married in Mexico

by Caiti Jackson

My step-brother Tyler and Larissa have been dating for like a bazillion years. Okay, maybe it's only been 7-8 years, but it feels like Lars has been part of our family forever. When they finally decided to tie the knot, they picked Mexico to be their wedding destination. The wedding was at an ecological resort that reminded me of being in a rainforest. Trees, moss, parrots, monkeys, creepy crawly forest bugs. Total jungle style! Their wedding was small and intimate. I loved being able to capture these moments with the two of them as they got ready to say "I do." 


Only Tyler would go for the bum-grab during the first kiss!


These two are such goofballs! Love how laid-back they are and I'm loving Larissa's purple wayfarers even more!


You two are perfect for each other. Thank you for allowing me to capture such an amazing, anticipated day. Larissa, you are the most perfect girl in the world for Tyler. You are totally the cheese to his mac. And you're a badass designer. Just sayin'.  Love you both so much!



Just a little rave...

by Harvey Jackson

This January I was thrilled to photograph Jaxon for his one year celebration. Julie first came to me for her engagement pictures and ever since that day, we've clicked. (The best part of my job are the clients that truly "get" what I do. These clients always end up becoming my dear friends) We took Jaxon outside during a crazy cold morning in January. The light was gorgeous. Jaxon nearly FROZE, but it was totally worth it. 

Just a couple days ago, Julie surprised me with an AWESOME review of her experience with Caiti Jackson Photography. It touched me so much that I have to share it here. Thank you to the Houghton Family (and all of my clients) who make my career not only a possibility, but also a joy. I couldn't make it work without you!

" I would highly recommend Caiti Jackson Photography.  No matter what kind of photographer you're looking for, Caiti does it all!  We have used her for our engagement photos, maternity photos, birth photos, newborn photos, our son's "one year" photos, and plan on using her for all photos we want in the future. She does an exceptional job and her work speaks for itself! I literally cannot say one negative thing about Caiti's photography or our experience with her. She is very enthusiastic and always gives 100%. It's evident she's passionate about what she does and sincerely cares about her clients! Her photography is true art, it's creative and unique while maintaining your personal style.  Caiti will cater to your every need, making sure you always feel comfortable and beautiful!  While Caiti Jackson Photography is not cheap as are other local photographers, I believe that's because her work is far from cheap, you get what you pay for and she is worth every penny! She is professional and so is her work!  Caiti has captured so many precious moments for my family and never ceases to amaze me with what she's capable of.  I can't urge people enough to book just one session with her, and I promise you won't be disappointed or ever want to go to another photographer again!"

- the Houghton Family

Kylee + Nick Married!

by Harvey Jackson

Kylee and Nick met in Bozeman during college. The story of how they met still makes me giggle, it includes something of a blind date, Nick falling on his face, and Kylee there to bandage his bruised ego :) I knew from the moment I met them they were in sweet, sweet love. They have such great chemistry. When Kylee moves, Nick moves. Some couples you can just tell, and with these two, you can just tell. The day of their wedding was amazing. Slightly overcast, warm, but not too warm, and a bit breezy. It couldn't have been a better wedding day. Their wedding colors were baby blue and yellow. Everything about their beautiful day felt like Easter all over again. 

I loooooove when my clients opt to do a first look. There's nothing sweeter than capturing that raw emotion of the bride and groom's first glimpses of each other. Nick had a great group of friends there to cheer him on. 

Nick's reaction to seeing Kylee will remain seared into my memory for years to come. He was so nervous! Fidgety, smiley, shifting back and forth as he waited for her to approach. As soon as he turned to look at her, he immediately teared up. "Kylee!!!! KYLEEEEE!!! Oh my gosh, Kylee!" He kept saying over and over as he nonchalantly wiped tears from his eyes.

There were so many tears, so much joy, you could almost feel the love between these two.

I stole them away to capture a few tender moments before we started the wedding party shots. I love these intimate moments with Kylee's superman garter peeking out. 

The most divine cupcakes stole the show. In love with the small details and style of this day.

Did I mention Kylee and Nick love comics? All the guys wore superhero shirts underneath their suits. Absolutely loved the energy and confidence of this group! You can tell this wedding party was here to celebrate and have a good time with Kylee and Nick!

The whole wedding party rocked Chuck T's, but Kylee's were glittery blue! Gosh I love this girl's style! 

Kylee, you are truly stunning. Thank you for choosing me to share this special day with you.

During the ceremony, Kylee's brother, Kenneth played piano and sang. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Lilies lined the pews and the soft light danced off the church's walls. Joy is an understatement for this day.

Such a happy bride! You truly shined on your wedding day, Miss Sunsted!

Thank you, Jake, for capturing a perfect shot of the first kiss from the eaves. 

All smiles as they left the alter, man and wife!

Entering the party, with the help of all their family and friends...

This girl was smiles. All. Day. Long.

Hope you are having a fabulous honeymoon, Sundsteds! Thanks again for letting us capture you wedding day. Your love is a sweet, sweet gift. Cannot wait to share the rest of your images with you!

Caiti & Jake

What little boys are made of...

by Harvey Jackson

Most everyone knows how close I am to my oldest sister's kids, Skylar and Connor. They're like my siblings from another mother...Or my sister...whatever. I love them like siblings. It's crazy how fast they've grown. Skylar's graduating HIGH SCHOOL in two years and Connor will be in junior high. I took Connor out for a mini photo date, just me and him. I wanted to share a few images of him because he's getting so big and so handsome...SO fast. If any of you know Connor's family, the Sarvers, you know he is 100% Sarver. He looks just like his dad :)
Connor John is a super special little boy to me. He goes to the beat of his own drum. He's the type of kid that is who is and doesn't let anyone change him in any way. He isn't average in any way, shape, or form. I love seeing how he changes over the years and I can't wait to see where this wonderful life takes him.

Never ever lose that sweet spirit you have, Connor. You melt my heart whenever I walk in your front door and you jump up to give me a hug. I love that you aren't afraid to express your love to your friends and family. Never let go of that, even when the world doesn't reciprocate that love; you can't expect them to, you are unique. Thanks for being you: smart, quiet, happy, geeky (I love Zelda too, man!), affectionate, intelligent, and quirky. You are a poppy in this world of dandelions. I love you, Con man!




Isaac Jacob Jackson

by Harvey Jackson

He's here! The long wait is over. Well, long wait as in nine months is over. It still amazes me that it only takes nine months to grow a completely healthy, fully developed human being! Jake and I welcomed Isaac into our family at 1:21 PM on July 11th, his due date! He came into this world weighing 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.

Birth was an amazing experience for me. After much debate, I've decided against sharing any images from our delivery. That time was so intimate and precious to me. I have never worked that hard in my entire life. I didn't realize the strength I possessed. Having a natural delivery was the best and worst experience I've had to date, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Here are a few of my favorite images we've taken so far. I am beyond excited to be getting back into the groove of things and I am thankful I have such a patient and understanding clientele. If you are waiting on galleries and orders from me, you can expect return e-mails and phone calls starting this week. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of us as we are transitioning into this new chapter in our lives. We couldn't be any happier!





Caiti Jackson Photography - Newborn Photography
Caiti Jackson Photography - Newborn Photography
Caiti Jackson Photography - Newborn Photography
Caiti Jackson Photography - Newborn Photography
Caiti Jackson Photography  - Newborn Photography

Fat Disease: Taking back the truth

by Harvey Jackson

This has been a really rough week for me. I've had three or four senior girls tell me that they didn't like their pictures because they looked "fat" and "ugly" and a myriad of other things. I even had one senior Mom call me and beg that I take her daughter's photos of the business fan page because her daughter was devastated at how ugly she was. Totally broke my heart to hear, not only because it was completely untrue, but because I was in these girls shoes not long ago myself.

I could blame my insecurities on my daddy issues, I could blame my lack of self confidence on so many facets of society, but the truth is, I succumbed myself to the fat disease. I let Hollywood images define beauty for me. I let social media and fashion tell me I wasn't good enough, skinny enough, tall enough, pretty enough.  

It's all a lie. Everything society and Hollywood has idolized as true beauty is complete bull shit - pardon my french. I for one, as a photographer, know better. How many times have clients asked me, "Oh my gosh! Can you suck me in? Can you take off five pounds?!" Photoshop has destroyed body image for good. Nothing is true anymore.  

I just wanted to share a few images I found of some of the most highly recognized people in Hollywood. These are before and afters. They are real women and they have flaws, just like everyone else. They are not perfect. NO ONE is perfect. Photoshop is fake, and beauty cannot be bought. I'm so devastated to hear all these beautiful, amazing girls confide in me how ugly and fat they are and the saddest part is, no matter how untrue it is, they actually believe it, because it's the fat lie. It's what we've had drilled into our heads from the time we could flip the television channel. 

I want to celebrate my senior girls for who they are, the beautiful bodies they possess, and the amazing talents they have accomplished. Look at these images and try to tell me that you are not every bit as good as these celebrities. They are normal human beings, flawed by imperfection. Don't let these images lie to you anymore. You are more than enough the way you were made. I want to show my senior girls and ALL of my clients that your beauty is more than what appears on the surface. Your story is unique, your life is beautiful. Stop believing the lies. 





Jamie + Gavin Engaged!

by Harvey Jackson

I was so excited when Jamie contacted me to book their wedding day this October. I LOVE my western couples and I love western themed weddings even more! They are tying the knot in Dayton, WY (hello beautiful venue!!!) but the part I was most excited to hear is they are planning on team roping on the evening of their rehearsal dinner. Count me in! I'm so excited for you and Gavin and I can't wait to share your special day this October, Jamie! Thank you for putting up with us when Gavin "roped" you! I love how carefree and in love you two are!





Wyoming wedding photographer, Caiti Jackson Photography, Gillette, Wyoming
Wyoming wedding photographer, Caiti Jackson Photography, Gillette, Wyoming
Wyoming wedding photographer, Caiti Jackson Photography, Gillette, Wyoming
Wyoming wedding photographer, Caiti Jackson Photography, Gillette, Wyoming
Wyoming wedding photographer, Caiti Jackson Photography, Gillette, Wyoming

Alyssa Hendryx - Muddy Senior Session

by Caiti Jackson

When I sat down with Alyssa to talk about what she wanted for her senior pictures, one of the first things she said was, "MUD!" How lucky can a photographer get?! I love my adventurous seniors! I've done water shoots, messy paint shoots, feathers and bubbles, you name it, but mud was a first! I love the way they turned out and I hope you do too, Lyssa! You are the sweetest thing ever and I can't believe how nervous you were when I told you I didn't pose my seniors! Ummm, hello! You are the best natural self-poser I've ever met! Thanks for coming to me for your senior photos, pretty girl! Can't wait to show you more!



Caiti Jackson Photography - Senior Photography - Gillette, Wyoming Photographer
Caiti Jackson Photography - Senior Photography - Gillette, Wyoming Photographer
Caiti Jackson Photography - Senior Photography - Gillette, Wyoming Photographer