Guest Photographer on the blog!

by Caiti Jackson

Let’s be honest: I’ve been 100% jealous of Jenny’s amazing photography skills since the day I first saw her work on Facebook. I thought to myself, “I am NEVER going to be able to take newborn photos with her around!” After taking thousands of pictures of newborns, infants, toddlers, and children, I’ve realized that it takes a very creative, very patient, VERY talented photographer to be able to do what Jenny does. I have such respect and appreciation for the art of newborn photography. Jenny took my second baby’s newborn photos recently and I was blown away by the experience. She is professional and prepared as well as patient and determined. Tyler (my baby girl) was extremely fussy and only slept for maybe twenty minutes of the four hours we were in Jenny’s studio. Despite the fact that my child wasn’t very cooperative, Jenny completely surprised me with a variety of beautiful, timeless, and completely precious images that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I know Jenny will continue to provide her clientele with outstanding memories that will be cherished forever. With all this being said, I’d like to welcome Jenny, aka the Baby Whisperer, to the Caiti Jackson blog.

Thank you Caiti! It is an honor to be a featured guest on your blog. Newborn photography is such a passion of mine. I’m really in love with capturing the whole baby experience. I’ve had the proper training to know just how to properly and safely handle your newborn to get them in the cutest poses imaginable! Newborns and expectant mothers will be photographed beautifully with a timeless feel, and safely. 

I want my new parents to come to the studio with their newborn stress free. Therefore, before the session we will discuss their style because yes, they are hiring me for my creativity, but they have a personal style as well and we want to make sure the two mesh. Due to my large collection of props, accessories, backdrops, etc. parents can come and not worry about a thing. Parents can enjoy a cold drink, snack, and simply relax or even take a nap on the couch as my assistant and I work on posing their wee one.

One thing parents should be aware of is that although we will give 110% to get the most poses and setups possible, the baby’s flexibility, sleepiness, and sensitivity to touch will depend on the number of poses and setups that are used for baby. 

Capturing this time in your life (baby growing inside you) and the first few days of your child’s life is something you don’t want to miss! Canvas and storybook albums are just some of the options available to share your family history for years to come so that you can remember it always!


If you are expecting I recommend that you contact me (link contact me to email: early in your pregnancy to ensure a creative session is reserved for you and your newborn. Expectant mothers are best photographed between 30-33 weeks and newborns between 5-10 days. 

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