Wind and paint: Jordan's Session Blogged!

by Caiti Jackson

Last week I met up with Jordan for her senior photos. It was a pretty windy day, but we decided to shoot anyway. She was so nervous for her session she could hardly talk. I soon found out that she's just a quiet girl.  I felt like I had met my high school self all over again! I'm sure she can get loud. I wouldn't doubt she's the highlight of the party when she wants to be. But she's totally the kind of girl that can stand alone in a crowded room and be her own person. She didn't let the wind phase her for a second, even when I was the one complaining again and again. She came to her session with a smile and a patient attitude, and she totally rocked her pictures. Thanks for being you, Jordan. Don't ever worry about  people that may say you're "stuck up" because of your quiet demeanor. You are you and that is the most beautiful and unique thing you can be in this world. I'm loving your adventurous, messy paint photos. Please don't ever stop being you.