What little boys are made of...

by Harvey Jackson

Most everyone knows how close I am to my oldest sister's kids, Skylar and Connor. They're like my siblings from another mother...Or my sister...whatever. I love them like siblings. It's crazy how fast they've grown. Skylar's graduating HIGH SCHOOL in two years and Connor will be in junior high. I took Connor out for a mini photo date, just me and him. I wanted to share a few images of him because he's getting so big and so handsome...SO fast. If any of you know Connor's family, the Sarvers, you know he is 100% Sarver. He looks just like his dad :)
Connor John is a super special little boy to me. He goes to the beat of his own drum. He's the type of kid that is who is and doesn't let anyone change him in any way. He isn't average in any way, shape, or form. I love seeing how he changes over the years and I can't wait to see where this wonderful life takes him.

Never ever lose that sweet spirit you have, Connor. You melt my heart whenever I walk in your front door and you jump up to give me a hug. I love that you aren't afraid to express your love to your friends and family. Never let go of that, even when the world doesn't reciprocate that love; you can't expect them to, you are unique. Thanks for being you: smart, quiet, happy, geeky (I love Zelda too, man!), affectionate, intelligent, and quirky. You are a poppy in this world of dandelions. I love you, Con man!