Fat Disease: Taking back the truth

by Harvey Jackson

This has been a really rough week for me. I've had three or four senior girls tell me that they didn't like their pictures because they looked "fat" and "ugly" and a myriad of other things. I even had one senior Mom call me and beg that I take her daughter's photos of the business fan page because her daughter was devastated at how ugly she was. Totally broke my heart to hear, not only because it was completely untrue, but because I was in these girls shoes not long ago myself.

I could blame my insecurities on my daddy issues, I could blame my lack of self confidence on so many facets of society, but the truth is, I succumbed myself to the fat disease. I let Hollywood images define beauty for me. I let social media and fashion tell me I wasn't good enough, skinny enough, tall enough, pretty enough.  

It's all a lie. Everything society and Hollywood has idolized as true beauty is complete bull shit - pardon my french. I for one, as a photographer, know better. How many times have clients asked me, "Oh my gosh! Can you suck me in? Can you take off five pounds?!" Photoshop has destroyed body image for good. Nothing is true anymore.  

I just wanted to share a few images I found of some of the most highly recognized people in Hollywood. These are before and afters. They are real women and they have flaws, just like everyone else. They are not perfect. NO ONE is perfect. Photoshop is fake, and beauty cannot be bought. I'm so devastated to hear all these beautiful, amazing girls confide in me how ugly and fat they are and the saddest part is, no matter how untrue it is, they actually believe it, because it's the fat lie. It's what we've had drilled into our heads from the time we could flip the television channel. 

I want to celebrate my senior girls for who they are, the beautiful bodies they possess, and the amazing talents they have accomplished. Look at these images and try to tell me that you are not every bit as good as these celebrities. They are normal human beings, flawed by imperfection. Don't let these images lie to you anymore. You are more than enough the way you were made. I want to show my senior girls and ALL of my clients that your beauty is more than what appears on the surface. Your story is unique, your life is beautiful. Stop believing the lies.